Bluff View, the Climbers’ House

Bluff View in the morning light

There are only three main roads on the Brac and the Bluff View House is on the South Side road, towards the east end of the island.  This is the quiet end of the island, far from the noise of the airport and what little traffic there is.  It’s also very dark for good stargazing.  Bluff View backs up against the bluff and is nestled between coconut palms, agave and cacti. It’s 60 yards to the water, and the sound of the waves and palm fronds in the wind lull you to sleep.

Living area with Futon (sleeps two)

Queen bed in the bedroom


Tired, happy climbers, with drinks in hand, hanging out on the porch at the end of the day.

The house has two independent apartments: one up, one down.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s comfortable and has everything you need including a fully equipped kitchen (fridge, stove, blender, coffee maker, microwave, pots, dishes, etc.), sheets, towels and a clothes washer out back.  After a day of climbing, the outdoor shower is highly recommended!  I haven’t showered indoors in years.

Fully equipped kitchen

For a long-term stay commercial Daycare is available and requires the usual proof of vaccinations and paperwork.  An alternative is for you to hire a “Gramma” to come to Bluff View and watch over your children while you climb.   The usual cost is US$30 – 37/day.   Contact me for more information on either Daycare or a Gramma.

So bring your clothes, toothbrush, CDs or Ipod (and cable w/ standard 1/8″ male connector on both ends), snorkel, scuba and climbing gear.  No TV, no wifi and no internet means… a real vacation!

Dining area

Summer Season:  May 1st through November 30

US$90/day plus $60 cleaning fee (no minimum stay)

US$600/week  cleaning fee included

Winter Season: December 1st through April 30

US$110/day plus $60 cleaning fee (no minimum stay)

US$720/week  cleaning fee included

For more information and reservations contact:

Spring 2018 Openings:  nights of March 4 – 20;  March 27 – End-of-May

John Byrnes   I will be in the Brac Feb 21-Apr 5.  To make reservations please call (345) 948-2288, as I will not be checking email regularly.      (970) 897-2787


 |washer  |
 |        |
 |        |               |           |                      |-----
 |        |  Toilet       |  _________|                      |outdoor
 | Closet |    Tub        |  |                               |shower
 |  /     |  /  Shower    |  | KITCHEN         DINING        |-----
 |_/   _____/  ___________|  |                               |
 |                        |  |                               |---
 |                        |  |                               |---
 |                        |  |                               |---
 |                        |---                               |---
 |                        |              LIVING ROOM         |---
 |       BEDROOM          |                                  |---
 | queen                  |                                  |---
 | size                   |                                  |---
 | bed                 \     \                foldout Futon  |---
 |                      \     \                queen size    | stairs to
 ________________________\_    \______________________________  upper floor
 |                                                           |
 |             Large Covered Porch = 7' x 32'                |
 |                                                           |
 |                                                           |

Both floors are identical. The outdoor shower and the shed with the washer are shared. One bathroom per floor. Room for 4 people on each floor: 2 in the bedroom and 2 on the double futon.  We also have an air-bed for the occasional extra person.

Never snap a wet kitchen towel at someone you know has a black-belt!

Other climber-friendly places to stay

The Cayman Breakers and Kings Point condominiums are just down the road from Bluff View.

Phone: 1-345-948-1463

The Brac Beach Resort is a comprehensive resort at the west end of the island.  While it caters mostly to divers, everyone is welcome by the excellent friendly staff.